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Welcome to the Wicked Good Chowdah Cookoff culinary team building program! If you’re a Boston native, you’ll completely understand the description of the game below. If you’re from outside of Boston, you can read the translation that follows:

Alright all you chowda heads, let’s go see if we can’t get yoah team to have a killa time. The Wicked Good Chowda Cookoff is wheah all the fun times ah!


Attention all chowder afficionados, you’re in for a rather enjoyable team experience. The “Wicked Good Chowda Cookoff” (sic) is where the fun times are!

What team will capsha the top honahs? Is yah team wicked bomah or bucka? Play hahd but feaha, the judges don’t like cheetahs one bit. Shuah, yah can hosie the top prize all ya want, but heeyah it’s all about whether ya chowda’s fried, quality, bizah or killah. Squeet, and bettah hope yah chowdah’s wicked pissa.


What team will capture the highest accolades? Is your team very smart or not so intelligent? Play hard but fair, the judges have a high standard of integrity. You can truly desire the top prize, but really the most important qualities are whether your chowder’s weird, worthless, bizarre, or really exceptional. Let’s eat and pray that your chowder is of a high quality indeed.